Cafe Restaurant - Wanganui

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Indigo Cafe and Bar Wanganui
The Indigo chefs are dedicated to provide an exciting menu each time it is changed, which is on a regular basis. Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, there definitely is always something to tantilise everyone's taste buds on the extensive menu.
Oggies Cafe Wanganui
Tempt your taste buds with our hot breakfast, brunch or lunch menu. Or choose from the great dishes available on our blackboard and enjoy the indoor or outdoor Al Fresco atmosphere.
Spiral Cafe Wanganui
Spiral cafe - Raurimu is the perfect stop for breakfast, lunch or take away food,
Sugar Plum Cafe Wanganui
10 minutes north of Marton on State Hightway 1, we offer an ever-changing variety of yummy savoury quiches, frittatas, pies, sandwiches.

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